Icon Bioscience Inc. (IBI) a privately held specialty biopharma company, is pioneering a transformational change in the delivery of ophthalmic pharmaceuticals by focusing on the development and commercialization of novel intraocular therapeutics based on our proprietary and patented drug delivery platform, Verisome®.


Icon Bioscience Verisome Technology

IBI’s  Verisome® drug delivery technology is a highly advanced, yet elegant formulation for controlling the release of intraocular therapeutic agents in the eye for extended periods of time. The technology’s exceptional versatility can support products individually formulated to meet the particular clinical requirements of a given active agent targeting a specific ophthalmic disease. Our product development portfolio currently consists of broad range of drug candidates, all addressing significant unmet medical needs in large ophthalmic pharmaceutical spaces. To date, several hundreds of patients have been administered products based on the Verisome® drug delivery technology.