Verisome® Drug Delivery Technology

At the core of IBI’s product line is the unique and flexible Verisome® platform.  The Verisome® technology is a novel drug delivery system with very broad topical, systemic and ocular applications.

The ocular Verisome® products are uniquely positioned to treat ophthalmic diseases as they can be administered  by injection and slowly deliver the drug as the Verisome® system simultaneously degrades.  Delivery duration up to a year with a standard intravitreal injection has been demonstrated in human clinical trials.

The Verisome® drug delivery technology is the most advanced, yet simplest, system for controlling the release of therapeutic agents in the eye for extended periods of time.   The Verisome® technology’s versatility can support a wide range of products individually formulated to meet the requirements of a given active agent and the demands of a specific clinical situation.